How About Using Refurbished Indian Power Transformers?


Power transformer is stationary equipment that doesn’t have components that require special engineering. Manufacturers of power transformers India are always in favor of encouraging people who cannot afford brand new transformer to use refurbished model. Dismantling of a transformer and replacement of the components is an easier task to do for experts. Major components that remain intact over the years are:

  • The main tank
  • The external metallic fittings- radiator, conservator, and piping
  • The core and frame
  • The mechanical protection devices and control cubicles

Manufacturers inspect some components prior performing the replacement procedure. They check the tap changer or diverter switch, cooling fans, protection devices, bushings, and current transformers. There are certain components that need to be replaced-

  • The coils forming the HV / LV windings
  • New gaskets for consumables and sealing
  • Press board material used and applied for insulation and spacing

There are many reasons to consider refurbishment methods. Manufacturers will brief them all-

  • Cost saving – At times, people sell their transformers too early due to failure of some components. They never think about repairing or refurbished transformer. But if you have limited cash, you can have a refurbished transformer for your site. It will save your cost a lot.
  • No design cost- since in refurbished transformer, only a component or components are replaced and repaired by the engineers, they don’t need to work on the design of the model. You will get a readymade transformer which is refurbished by experts. So, no designing cost is involved in the deal.
  • Environmental friendly- Recycling is always good for environment. It is always good to do something that keeps your environment great. Refurbished transformers are the environmental friendly products.
  • No civil work is needed
  • Control and indications remain same – There is no change made to the controls and indication system by the engineers. So, you can freely opt for refurbished transformer.
  • Short cycle operation – You can aim your transformer for 16 weeks operation.

The only disadvantage of a refurbished transformer is the rating of the transformer that has to be retained. You cannot increase the rating anyway.

What facilities are required for refurbished power transformer?

You will need a workshop with suitable un-tanking facilities of the Live part and coil replacements with new ones. You will need arrangement of cleaning and washing of main tank and core and retightening of core. You will also require testing facilities for the device and its components. Oil regeneration unit with oil tanks on site will also needed for treatment and storage. Oven should be available for drying the assembly prior sealing for transportation.