How Indian Manufacturers are Testing Transformers?


Transformer is an electromechanical component operated by professionals on the principle that every electrical field generates a magnetic field and each magnetic field creates an electrical field. Transformers manufacturers India are sharing this post to make you learn about the steps that help in testing the transformer. 

  • Perform a visual inspection 

Overheating causes the internal wiring of transformer to run at higher temperatures. This is a common reason behind the failure of transformer. If the exterior of transformer is bulged or showing burn marks, do not perform testing. 

  • Determine the transformer wiring 

The labeling should be clearly available on the transformer. However, it is always a great idea to get a schematic of the circuit having the transformer to find how it is connected. This schematic can be found in the product documentation or on the manufacturer’s website. 

  • Determine the inputs and outputs of transformer 

The initial electrical circuit generating the magnetic field should be connected to the primary winding of the transformer. The voltage being shared to the winding should be on both the transformer schematic and label. The other circuit retrieving power from the magnetic field should be connected to the secondary winding of the transformer. 

  • Determine the output filtering 

It is common to connect diodes and capacitors to the transformer secondary to shape the alternate current power from the output into direct current power. This shaping and filtering will be unavailable from the label of the transformer. It will be shown on the schematic. 

  • Make preparations for measuring circuit voltages 

You must remove panels and covers as per the need to access the circuits that contain the transformer. For voltage reading, use a digital multimeter, which is usually available at electrical supply stores and hobby shops. 

  • Confirm proper input to the transformer 

Switch on the power. Use the digital multimeter in AC mode to measure the transformer primary. If the voltage is less than the 80% of the expected result, the fault may be existed in either the transformer or the circuitry offering the primary with power. If it is the case, you need to separate the primary from the input circuit. 

  • Measure the secondary output of the transformer. 

You must call professionals to perform this testing. There are transformers manufacturers India that provide expert assistance on request. You can contact them and book a testing service for your transformer.